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Activa Laboratories’ dietary supplement do not just fight a symptom, they are designed to stimulate and strengthen the body’s natural self-regulation capacity, so it regain its vitality.  The regulation is done by the organism itself and it provides a total biocompatibility which highly limits side effects and interaction between different current treatments.

Activa Laboratoires dietary supplements are developed in order to help the body self-regulate, to create balance. Therefore, active ingredients support natural mechanisms.

The advantages of phytovitality:

• Easy intake
• Increased efficiency
• No side effects
• 100% natural active ingredients
• Controled self-regulation

Taking into account self-regulation

For several years, Activa Laboratories, have been specialized in the field of « Phytonutrition ». Activa Laboratories develop, formulate and produce a new generation of dietary supplements in France.

  • Development of our ranges – with the constant concern to take into account bioavailability and biocompatibility of our nutritional supplements.

  • Study of the body’s regulatory mechanism in response to a disturbance – in order to create dietary supplements that foster self-regulatory systems rather than act against disturbances. Thanks to this global approach, ACTIVA Laboratories help the body by using formulated and dosed complexes for better efficiency and fast action.

  • The high quality active ingredients – ACTIVA Laboratories use are blended at physiological doses to respect the body’s functioning and avoid side effects.

Actions and synergies of the components

The expertise of the Activa Laboratories in the development of dietary complexes allows them to have a great mastery in the formulation and combination of natural active ingredients so that all act with the best synergy and confer maximum efficiency to Activa Laboratories’ ranges. By combining several substances in a particular way, they obtain a synergy of active ingredients that is not jusr the sum of each of their properties. Indeed, the interweaving of these elements makes it possible to obtain additional actions and another information at the organism’s level. Activa Laboratories attaches great importance to the development of its complexes, so that they are «Micro-nutritional», meaning that they respect the general balance of the organism. The different product ranges are formulated on the basis of:

  • Standardized titrated dry extracts of plants

  • Trace element salts

  • Amino acids and levogyrous vitamins

  • First cold pressed vegetal oils

Research of innovative galenic forms

In order to optimize the bioavailability of their products, Activa Laboratories use a patented technology, the controlled release microgranule, that enables:

  • To quickly release the active ingredients for a fast action or over a long period of time for multi-hour action

  • To protect sensitive active ingredients from gastric acidity

  • To mask tastes and smells

  • Reduce the number of daily doses “we also use osmotic tablets, vegetarian capsules, capsule with high assimilation.”

Molecules and information

The quality of a molecule  is assessed based on two factors: one structural, the chemical formula, and the other spatial, the physical properties giving it its particularity and its “language”. A well-known example is the assimilation of vitamins C, chemical and natural. A molecule that, thanks to the multiple spatial configurations that it is able to take, will become the vector of different information. Each molecule has an action in relation to a target but at the same time gives information that is important to consider in a nutritional approach.

ACTIVA Laboratories Certifications

Activa products comply with French and European regulations (compliant with European Directive 2002/46)

Compliant with FDA regulation

Compliant with ISO 9001/2015

The Microgranule – Patented technology

The microgranule, an innovative and patented pharmaceutical form that allows a protection of the active ingredients and their targeted release into the body, thus promoting rapid and effective action.

Activa complexes are designed according to the self-regulatory capacity of the organism. The active ingredients forster the natural regulation of the mechanisms by providing the necessary nutrients in a targeted way.

  • Better efficiency

  • Fast Action

  • No cellular stress

  • No side effects

New generation complexes

The cell itslef acts on thedisturbance, , thanks to a synergy of active ingredients blended in an innovative way

An innovative blendingand product assembly method for perfect biocompatibility and bioavaibility With quality of active ingredients:

  • Standardised titrated dry extracts
  • High in trace constituents (active ingredients)
  • Traceability of active ingredients and guaranteed safety: analysis of raw materials as standard
  • GMO and pesticide free

Patented pharmaceutical form

  • 96%  of active ingredients protected.
  • Easy intake and compliance: 1 microgranule capsule = 5 conventional caspules
  • Adjustable intake according to the individual or the dysfunction
  • Masked taste and smell

Controlled release

80% of actives released within 45 minutes
Continuous action for 8 hours
Protection of active ingredients sensitive to stomach acidity

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