Face mask Bracket – Grey

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• Face mask Bracket, flexible for surgical or fabric face masks. Made in France. 2 years guarantee.
• Face mask Bracket made of soft polymer material ISO 10 993-5 (medical quality, sterilisable in autoclave for health professionals). Grey color, one size.
• Face mask Bracket THERMOLAST® M TM5LFT (Series MC LF)

The face mask Bracket will:

• limit or remove fog on the glasses (little or no airflow to the glasses)

• provide you with maximum sealing (so more security),

does not move on your face once well fitted (no need to adjust your mask),

• allow a better filtration (optimisation of the filtering surface of the mask),

prevent contact between your mask and your skin (reduces the risk of allergies),

prevent the mask from touching your mouth (no choking sensation, better enunciation, possibility to use lipstick).

Maintenance: Before the first use and after each day of use, it is recommended to clean the face mask bracket with a disinfectant solution.

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Using the face mask bracket with a surgical mask: Place the upper edge of the mask (metal bar side) under the nose tab, then the lower edge of the mask under the chin tab and the sides under the side tabs. Then, pinch the metal strip of the mask onto the bracket.

WARNING: An unsuitable contact between the face mask and the bracket at nose level (loose metalic bar) can let air pass through, which can cause fogging on your glasses. However, if the fogging persists, pull out the mask from the top tab and pull it up, as far as possible, over the nose.

If the bracket is not sufficiently pressed against your face, you can use, in addition, an elastic mask attachment in order to obtain a perfect seal.

Using the face mask bracket with a fabric face mask: The dimensions of the fabric masks being varied, the placement under the side tabs is not automatic.

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