Mask for teens Cat 1 (UNS1)

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  • Context of use: this face mask is especially adapted to the COVID-19 health crisis. It will also protect you against the variants from UK and South Africa.
  • Category 1 (UNS1) face masks – Certified face masks – Reusable and washable
  • Filtration efficiency of 3 micron (µm) particles greater than 90%
  • Comfortable and Ergonomic – Easy Breathing
  • Filtration guaranteed 50 washes – Tested 60 (by the DGA laboratories)
  • Main raw materials certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Fast delivery
  • Factory located in France
  • Face masks available in 3 sizes (S, M and L) to suit everyone. A size guide is available below to help you make the right choice.
  • Discover our well-being products from the Activa Laboratories (click here)
Comfort Oeko-Tex 50 washings tested Anti projection

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Our sizes are “fixed” and are defined by measuring from the tip of your nose to the end of your chin. M, L and S size are therefore the same for Women, Men and Teens (e.g: a face mask for men in M will be the same product as a Teen face mask in M).
For any questions, please contact us.


Ephygie® is a French brand that designs category 1 anti-spray masks whose performance has been measured by DGA laboratories and which support 60 washes.
Thanks to its various sizes (S, M and L), the Ephygie® mask is suitable for everyone.
Its filtration performance (filtration efficiency of 3 µm particle > 90%) makes it an indispensable ally in personal protection and respect for barrier gestures.

Ephygie® masks are made of three textile layers for optimal efficiency. Their main raw materials are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

The inner layer is made of 100% washed cotton fabric. In direct contact with your skin, this fabric is comfortable and soft, with a very natural look. Lightweight and flexible, it provides great breathability to Ephygie®masks, making them very comfortable to wear.

The middle layer is composed of curly mesh. This technical fabric ensures excellent filtration and comfort.

The outer layer is made of 100% polyester interlock fabric. This lightweight fabric with a smooth and soft touch gives the mask an excellent finish as well as a very elegant and modern look.

Designed for daily use, please note that the wearing time of the mask is limited to 4 hours. This washable and reusable mask is a consumer mask, it is not intended for health care staff.


Some masks are currently being restocked, so we will send your order as soon as it is complete.

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L, M, S


AFRICA, Army, Army Pink, Bandana, Black, Blue, Cloud, Dark Jean, EMOJI, Floral, GAMER, Girl Power, Grey, INDIGO, Light Jean, LOLLIPOP, Orange, Red, ROCK STAR, Skull, White

77 reviews for Mask for teens Cat 1 (UNS1)

  1. Rizvana MPEMBE (verified owner)

    Bought for my son who wears them every day to college, the size is good

  2. Sonia HASHMI (verified owner)

    Comforatable for the ears

  3. Bianca CALDEIRA (verified owner)

    Choosed by my daughter, she says she breathes well in it and now wants it in all colors!!!

  4. Haley BOSHOFF (verified owner)

    Super beautiful.. very good for teens

  5. Teddy SPINK (verified owner)


  6. Paul MBAMBO (verified owner)

    Mask that is suitable for a 14 yo teen

  7. Meetu MICHALAK (verified owner)

    A design that suits teens, choice in colors

  8. Ann SHARMA (verified owner)

    I received the mask in 3d, fast and comfortable

  9. Leigh EVANS (verified owner)

    very good

  10. Uinise HOWE (verified owner)

    Webite, order, use : easy and fast

  11. Christina AHOLELEI (verified owner)

    with a little more color it would be a little better but apart from that everything is perfect

  12. Vee OLSON (verified owner)

    Nothing to complain about

  13. Vicci SIMONIS (verified owner)

    The most comfortable mask for my children

  14. Ann LLOYD (verified owner)

    I ordered it for the whole family and everyone is satisfied!

  15. Kelly SADLER (verified owner)


  16. Ditabe EACTE (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, fasteners provided and necessary!

  17. Cookie DITABE (verified owner)

    the perfect mask for this hard period, besides it is French

  18. Matthew PILLAY (verified owner)

    Masks ok

  19. Sherry ALFORD (verified owner)

    Convenient that there are several sizes and fasteners provided… I totally recommend this mask

  20. Mark PAUL (verified owner)

    so nice to wear that my children forget to take it off

  21. Ami SCHULTZ (verified owner)

    A profitable purchase with this large number of washing, fast delivery and exceptional quality!

  22. Mala CHRISSIS (verified owner)

    Mask that my son wore all day in high school, he is very satisfied

  23. Dominga PILLAY (verified owner)

    My 13-year-old son loves this mask very much, the blue color is very beautiful.

  24. Melissa BALACANG (verified owner)

    Floral for my daughter and bandana for my son

  25. Shannon DAVIS (verified owner)

    ordered for my son who did not want to wear masks… he changed his mind!

  26. John SUSKO (verified owner)

    Lightweight, top for kids

  27. Marie JAAP (verified owner)

    I ordered for my daughter a S size and it fits her perfectly! not even need locks

  28. Dawood SMITH (verified owner)

    An accessible price and a quality mask, I recommend!

  29. Cindy WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    not disappointed with this mask, suitable size

  30. Thembekile FAURIE (verified owner)

    Very good hold after a full day worn

  31. Patricia NHLAPO (verified owner)

    Equal to the photo

  32. Nancy GRIFFITHS (verified owner)

    I recommend for highschool students

  33. Barbara HAIR (verified owner)

    Mask made in france of super quality, it’s fun

  34. Marguerita LANIER (verified owner)

    Size that fits perfectly for teens.

  35. Janis MCMULLEN (verified owner)

    Purchased for my children

  36. Lethabo DU PLOOY (verified owner)

    One day late on delivery but super mask

  37. Caroline YVONNE (verified owner)

    Adopted by the whole family!

  38. Abbey HEATH (verified owner)

    Good masks

  39. Toni CLEGG (verified owner)

    Fasteners are provided and the fabric is very good

  40. Marie STEVENS (verified owner)

    Masks made in Europe (France)

  41. Betul BROWN (verified owner)

    I thought the black one would be darker

  42. Julie KOCER (verified owner)

    a little expensive but very good

  43. Suzanne HALL (verified owner)

    My son keeps it all day for classes and he does not complain at all, the mask is very comfortable.

  44. Janine PEGRUM (verified owner)

    Resists washing very well

  45. Emma CRANE (verified owner)

    Delivery time okay

  46. Milisia SIMKINS (verified owner)

    What a good mask!

  47. Janice TUCKER (verified owner)

    The colors are great

  48. Ana HARGREAVES (verified owner)

    bought for my son who goes to college, he validates it

  49. Margaret LABOY (verified owner)

    The colors are beautiful, the same for the material

  50. Joshua MCDONAGH (verified owner)

    good size and very nice fabrics

  51. Melanie MADEWELL (verified owner)

    Supplied with instructions

  52. Jane WHITTAKER (verified owner)

    Masks appreciated by the whole family

  53. Camila HUNT (verified owner)

    These masks look beautiful and the fabric is very nice.

  54. Phil NGUYEN (verified owner)

    Suitable size and in addition, the fasteners are provided

  55. Latisha PETTITT (verified owner)

    Perfectly fits the shape of the face.

  56. Chanelj KORNEGY (verified owner)

    I recommend

  57. Sbongangani TAYLOR (verified owner)

    The cord locks are necessary for me (and offered!)

  58. Adam CALUZA (verified owner)

    I bought these masks after I discovered this French brand on instagram. After ordering 3 masks including 1 child, I received them in my mailbox within 2 days. We are all very satisfied with both the texture and the colors.

  59. Lynn BELL (verified owner)

    Manific gloss black

  60. Phakama SPIERS (verified owner)

    I love these face masks

  61. Amanda DLONGODLONGO (verified owner)

    These masks are endurable for a long time, convenient for a whole day of classes or work

  62. Hillary MASON (verified owner)

    For the whole family, these masks go very well!

  63. Sharmarke BATISTA (verified owner)

    Comfortable to wear, no need all the things that go along with it: locks, paper, instructions,…

  64. Gemma MOHAMED (verified owner)

    Category 1

  65. Virginia PARKER (verified owner)

    good masks, a little expensive but given the quality and provenance of the product, the price is not excessive

  66. Tracey WELLINGTON (verified owner)

    Beautiful colors and very pleasant material

  67. Lisa LOVERIDGE (verified owner)


  68. Ashely HALSTEAD (verified owner)

    A pleasant fabric that survives washing well!

  69. Vanny WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    Very bright colors, I like a lot:

  70. Andrea SREY (verified owner)

    good masks, good fabric, beautiful colors

  71. Force DAFFY (verified owner)

    Against covid! very beautiful, I recommend

  72. Julie LA (verified owner)

    Perfect Masks

  73. Annmarie SANCHEZ (verified owner)

    I love these quality masks very much

  74. Joanna BARCLAY (verified owner)

    Does not fall under the nose

  75. Lerato Godwill JOSEPH (verified owner)

    Quality clearly superior to what can be found in store! Quality is here

  76. Charlotte MABELA (verified owner)

    Keeps easily all day long, very light and effective

  77. Sonto PARSONS (verified owner)

    I totally recommend these masks

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